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As of December 1, 2017, new forms and new rules now apply in all bankruptcy cases. If you are struggling with debt, don’t put off a free consultation. Don’t let fear of bankruptcy keep you from debt relief.

Bankruptcy cases filed on and after December 1, 2017, will be administered under newly promulgated bankruptcy rules and a new chapter 13 model plan form.

No matter how successful your business, you should get a low-cost bankruptcy consultation so you know how to avoid bankruptcy and how to deal with debtors who file for bankruptcy relief. (801) 359-1313.

The sad fact is that many start-up businesses fail in the first few years of operation. Before starting a business, get a consultation from an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to learn how to protect your and your family’s personal assets from business creditors.

The more you know about bankruptcy the less likely you’ll ever have to file a case. Call for a free consultation, especially if you are a small business owner struggling with debt.

Very soon there will be published in Utah new local rules that affect bankruptcy practice in all chapters of the Bankruptcy Code and by the end of the year a new Chapter 13 Plan form will be introduced nationwide.  Be sure your bankruptcy attorney is aware of these changes.

Zero $ down bankruptcy filings now available for first-time Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filers. Call for a free consultation: (801) 359-1313

Monday, October 16, 2017, is the tax return filing deadline for individuals who obtained an extension for filing personal income tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service or the Utah State Tax Commission. If you are unable to pay your taxes on time and in full by this deadline, schedule a free consultation with me

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Debtors in bankruptcy are sometimes perceived as less than honest by creditors and bankruptcy trustees. This unfortunately happens because some debtors are not great at record keeping or reporting accurately their debts and assets. In my experience the vast majority of debtors are not dishonest. They are exhausted, stressed, confused, harassed, and uneducated about many aspects of the credit industry.

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In the past, an eligible debtor did not risk losing a home in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy if the fair market value of the home was less than the debt encumbering it. This is no longer certain. Some Chapter 7 trustees in Utah have attempted to sell over-encumbered homes depriving debtor’s of a place to live while attempting to avoid paying debtors

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