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You don’t have to live with crushing debt forever. It’s time to break the cycle and get your life back on track. The Law Office of Paul Toscano, P.C. works with companies and individuals in the Salt Lake City, Utah area to help them restructure their finances and pay off their debts. Call us today for help with Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy law.

You shouldn’t fear bankruptcy – for many people, it’s the best option for turning their lives around and restoring their financial freedom. It could be your best option, too.

Make an appointment at The Law Office of Paul Toscano, P.C. today to discuss whether or not filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right call for you.

3 reasons to choose The Law Office of Paul Toscano, P.C. for Your Bankruptcy Attorney

When you need a bankruptcy attorney in Salt Lake City, UT, you want to make sure you’re working with a seasoned professional. Choose The Law Office of Paul Toscano, P.C. because

1 | Attorney Toscano is experienced. He has practiced law in Salt Lake City since 1978.
2 | He can adjust to your schedule. Attorney Toscano can meet with you at mutually convenient times and places.
3 | He understands the ins and outs of bankruptcy law. Attorney Toscano can help you decide if filing for bankruptcy is the right decision for you.

Don’t wait – take charge of your future by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy with the Law Office of Paul Toscano, P.C., today.

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The Salt Lake City based Law Office of Paul Toscano, P.C. is customer-focused. Attorney Toscano works hard on behalf of his clients. He can help you determine your eligibility to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, 11 or 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Not sure which option is right for you? You should consider filing for:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you have no reliable income and are comfortable with the possibility of liquidating some of your non-exempt property.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy if your business is in debt, as this allows organizations and companies to restructure their finances.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you have a steady income and the ability to pay off your debts in a limited capacity.

The Law Office of Paul Toscano, P.C. keeps his rates affordable to help people get out of debt as quickly as possible. Call 801-359-1313 now for a free estimate on your bankruptcy attorney fees.

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